Hoel is a large farm in the truest sense of the word, and for those of you who are going to organize a conference, a course or another form of business gathering, this means that we have the space, the flexibility and all the necessary functions to make it successful. With the venerable ballroom from 1801 in addition to various conference and group rooms, we can tailor a plan according to the number of participants.

For example, a group of 35 people can hold a conference in the ballroom, work in groups in the many living rooms, spend the night in each of their comfortable rooms, where everyone has their own bathroom, and eat lunch and dinner together.

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37 rooms including bathroom (mostly double) – 70 beds

4 meeting rooms, 4 group rooms

Capacity cinema set-up: Max 70 people

Classroom capacity: Max 50 people

U-table capacity: Max 35 people

All meeting rooms have a modern projector, screen,
video conference equipment, speakers and flip-over.

The potatoes we serve could not have been sourced more locally.
We grow Folva, Peik, Asterix and Beate.

We have extensive experience with courses, conferences
and company gatherings, and we tailor
the event as needed.

“Good space, good food and
good practical solutions.
And a very good night’s
sleep afterwards.”

The best meetings
usually take place outside the meeting room.